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Catherine Atchison

Titles: Teacher-Social Studies

Sharon Atchison

Titles: Bus Monitor 6.0 Hr

Allison Atherley

Titles: Community/Parent Liaison

Shaneka Atherley

Titles: Teacher-Second Grade

Darrell Atkins

Titles: Maint Worker Building & Ground

Nelsha Attwell

Titles: Bus Driver 6.0 Hr

Sandra Aubrey

Titles: Teacher-Fourth Grade

Christine Augusta

Titles: Bus Driver 6.0 Hr

Barbara Augustin

Titles: Teacher-Healthcare Science

Mary Ann Augustus

Titles: Teacher-World Lang-French

Karen Aulicky

Titles: Disab.(moid)

Francine Ausley

Titles: Parapro/Kindergarten

Andrea Austin

Titles: School Secretary I

Andrew Austin

Titles: Teacher-Interrelated Spec Ed

Josephine Austin

Titles: Lunchroom Monitors

Lauren Austin

Titles: Teacher-Autism Gen. Curr.

Shuntreal Austin

Titles: Nutrition Worker 6.0 Hr

Sharon Austin-Edwards

Titles: Counselor-Guidance

Lilia Avalos

Titles: Nutrition Worker 6.0 Hr

Quintin Avery

Titles: Lay Coach

Takarra Avery

Titles: Nutrition Mgr E/S

Jasmine Avril

Titles: Teacher-Fourth Grade

Miriam Awachie

Titles: Teacher-Esol

Irene Awelewa

Titles: Substitute Bus Monitor 6.0

Ieasha Awoyefa

Titles: Teacher-Interrelated Spec Ed

Jorge Ayala

Titles: Custodian Ii

Clifford Ayers

Titles: Parapro/Special Ed

Hopeann Azu-Ogbah

Titles: Parapro/Sped Interrelated

Ignacio Badillo

Titles: Teacher-Fourth Grade

Makeda Badio

Titles: Long-term Sub